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What the hell is Twin Check?

Twin Check is an online sales emporium of quality photography and associated products at a reasonable price.

It is proudly crowdfunding and totebag free since 2015.

It is also in a very embryonic state, so be nice.

What the hell is a twin check?

A twin check is an adhesive label you will have likely seen on the end of a negative strip when you picked up your last processed set of double prints from K Mart in 1997. The stickers are attached to customer orders and then to the customer's film, ensuring (in theory) that the right film goes home with the right customer.

It is after this hip piece of practical analogania that this store is named.

Who is Twin Check?

Twin Check is owned and operated by semi-competent camera user and holder of a Certificate III in Picture Hook Installation (Hons), Richard McKenzie

At the moment, it's purely a cash flow vanity exercise, but in the coming financial year, is set to expand to other photographical practitioners and their associated works.

Why is Twin Check?

Aside from the grammatical and syntax issues raised by the question above, the sentiment of the question is important. Twin Check is because the print is the best way to see any photograph, but in this fast-paced digital age of Game Boys and Walkmans, the physical print has gone largely by the wayside. And when people do print, they print screenshots of Facebook from their phone. Yep. It's a thing.

Twin Check is a valiant attempt to distribute prints and photographical arts at a perfectly reasonable price, all while supporting the artists who actually create the works with actual money, not "exposure", not "to build a portfolio", but actual legal tender.

Will someone please think of the children?

We have, which is why we want more physical prints out there so your kids have something to hold in their hands when you're dead.

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